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Business Troubleshooting

Business Troubleshooting can be very tough when you are having difficulties trying to succeed.

Business Troubleshooting is accomplished by utilizing skills that have been developed over many years of experience with proven results. To correct any business problem requires the ability to identify the problem, determine its cause and develop solutions that will eliminate the problem. Management must also be aware that without completely analyzing the cause of the problem, additional problems could be set in motion developing a chain reaction and more serious consequences.

Argen Corporation has a wide range of services including small business consulting, complete business analysis including industry comparison, cash flow analysis and an aggressive method to correct all facets and improve profitability.  Because of our years of experience assisting small to medium size businesses we are confident that your company will experience immediate gratifying results. Our professional business consultants have the experience and knowledge it takes to help your business prosper in such a competitive world.

Our expert consultants will measure up to your high expectations.

We expect nothing less.

Our Business Consulting Services include:

Business and Marketing Plans

Strategic Planning

Accounting and Cash Flow Analysis

Business Analysis

Business Projections and Forecasts

Business Troubleshooting

Public Relations

Management Structuring

Human Resources and Payroll Services

Accounting and System Development

Business Overhaul and Reconstruction

Drafting of Employee Manuals and Handbooks

Employee and Management Training

Whatever your business needs may be, our business consultants can get your company on the path to realize it's maximum growth and potential.  With the assistance of qualified professional business consultants, such as ours, your small to medium sized business will stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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